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Decision Making and Critical Thinking

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This course includes:

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9 units

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop the ability to analyse and pass judgment entropy to work informed and effective decisions.
  • Understand the role of critical thinking in decision-making and how to apply it in different contexts.
  • Develop the power to identify and take exceptions, assumptions, and biases in decision-making.
  • Understand the unusual decision-making models and how to take the most appropriate one for a precondition.
  • Develop the ability to use information and evidence to subscribe to decision-making.
  • Understand the importance of risk management in decision-making and how to manage and mitigate risks.
  • Develop the ability to communicate decisions in effect to stakeholders.
  • Understand the ethical and valid considerations in decision-making and how to ensure decisions are made fairly and justly.

Course Description:

The undefined Making and Critical Thinking course is developed to teach learners how to analyse and evaluate information to make informed decisions. This undefined covers a deep straddle of topics, including the process of vital thinking, the recognition and evaluation of arguments, and the use of evidence to support conclusions. Learners will learn how to identify biases and assumptions that can bear upon decision-making and will take in a sixth sense of how to pass their conclusions effectively. The undefined also covers techniques for problem-solving and decision-making in both personal and professional person settings.

Course Benefits:

The Decision Making and Critical Thinking course offers a broad straddle of benefits for anyone looking to enhance their decision-making skills. By complemental this program, learners will earn a trench understanding of the indispensable thinking process and how to utilise evidence to support their conclusions. They will also develop their problem-solving skills and learn techniques for making informed decisions in some personal and professional settings. Additionally, learners wish to instruct to place biases and assumptions that can impact decision-making and gain sixth sense into effective communication techniques. This course is nonsuch for anyone looking to improve their decision-making skills, from professionals in leading positions to individuals seeking to work better personal choices. Graduates of this course wish to be well-equipped to work informed decisions and communicate their conclusions effectively.

Career Path:

  • Management Consultant: Providing advice and support to organisations on decision-making and vital thinking, including strategy development and problem-solving.
  • Data Analyst: Analyzing data to identify trends and patterns, providing insights that subscribe to effective decision-making.
  • Business Analyst: Identifying and analysing business problems and providing recommendations for solutions based on critical thinking and information analysis.
  • Project Manager: Making decisions and solving problems related to visual planning, execution, and monitoring.
  • Investment Banker: Analyzing market trends and data to make wise investment funds decisions.
  • Policy Analyst: Analyzing insurance options and their implications and providing recommendations to policymakers.
  • Healthcare Administrator: Making decisions concerned with healthcare operations, including managing budgets, staffing, and quality of care.
Course content

Decision Making and Critical Thinking

01: Introduction to Critical Thinking


02: Critical Thinking and the Judgment of Claims


03: Benefits and Barriers of Critical Thinking


04: Importance of Critical Thinking


05: Recognising a Critical Thinker


06: What Are the Critical Thinking Steps?


07: Critical Thinking Strategies


08: Problem-Solving Through Critical Thinking


09: Decision Making with Critical Thinking


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