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Terms and Conditions

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Terms And Conditions

General Terms and conditions for Adams Academy Inc. Ltd.


These terms of use relate to the Adams Academy platform and processes to deliver Adams Academy Services. If you use Adams Academy Services (a “User”) this policy applies to you and you are bound by it. If you disagree you must stop using Adams Academy Services and close your User account.

Our commitment

Adams Academy Inc. Ltd. is a UK registered company that delivers online learning trading as “Adams Academy”. Adams Academy provides learning on a global scale for all Users, commercially made possible through online advertising and other optional paid services such as the purchase of certificates of completion (together hereinafter “Certificates”) for diploma and certificate courses. To operate successfully Adams Academy Services as defined below are subject to the “Terms of Use” outlined herein. You, the User, hereby consent to these terms by continuing to use the Adams Academy Services or by clicking on the content tickbox on registration. You should stop using the services if you do not agree with these terms. Adams Academy reserves the right without notice to block or deactivate any User account that breaches these terms of use.

The detailed terms of use follow

The User is granted a temporary, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to access and view learning-related content on the “Adams Academy platform” (including but not limited to the online APIs, internet websites, android/iOS mobile apps, and electronic content related to learning, careers, personal profiles, and jobs) solely for non-commercial educational purposes for your own personal use (the “Adams Academy Services”). All other uses are expressly prohibited without the express written agreement of Adams Academy.

The User is not allowed:

1.1. To copy, transfer, rebrand, sublicense, reverse engineer, modify,
repackage, sell or deliver Adams Academy course material and content via any
other third party Learning Management Systems or alternative online

1.2. To create and offer competing or derivative products and services to
other third parties based on the Adams Academy courses and content.

1.3. To transmit any data with embedded viruses, Trojan horses, worms,
time-bombs, keystroke loggers, spyware, adware, or any other harmful
programs or similar computer code designed to adversely affect the operation
of any computer software or hardware.

The Adams Academy Services include course content that is provided as is without further warranty or guarantee as to its completeness or accuracy.

2.1. The learning material is not a substitute for professional advice and
should not be relied upon. The User acknowledges that they use this learning
content at their own risk.

2.2. The User acknowledges that Adams Academy and affiliates including
publishers of the learning material expressly exclude, to the extent
permitted by law, any and all:

2.2.1. warranties or assurances implied by statute, common law, or law of
equity on the delivery of the Adams Academy Services;

2.2.2. liability for loss or damage, whether direct, indirect,
consequential, or otherwise that results from the use of and reliance upon
the Adams Academy Services or failure to use the Adams Academy Services due
to software bugs or loss of service.

In order to provide Services, Adams Academy collects data to uniquely identify each registered user and provide online advertising through globally recognized third parties in keeping with different global data privacy regulations.

3.1. Adams Academy’s Privacy and Data Protection Policy is publicly
available on the Adams Academy website and gives complete details on how
Adams Academy meets its obligations to registered learners.

3.1.1. You as the User agree to be bound by the Privacy and Data Protection

3.1.2. Individual User learner records will remain on the Adams Academy
platform unless the User explicitly closes their Adams Academy account and
requests your personal account data to be deleted.

3.1.2. User learning records will be retained on the Adams Academy platform
unless the User explicitly closes their Adams Academy account and requests
their personal account data to be deleted.

3.2. Adams Academy has a responsibility to its Users and learners to
safeguard their personal information and learning records. This
responsibility extends to the User to secure access credentials for the
Adams Academy platform.

3.2.1. Access to the Adams Academy platform is strictly controlled, and
Adams Academy will ensure that security measures are no less rigorous than
accepted industry practices concerning Data Security.

3.2.2. If the User discovers a suspected security breach on their account,
the User must immediately change their password and contact Adams Academy
customer support to facilitate an investigation and minimize the impact of
any breach.

4. Adams Academy offers optional paid services, including non-transferable
Certificates as individual proof of study (both for certificate courses and
diploma courses), other merchandise, and a monthly renewable premium service
that excludes advertising.

4.1. The Premium ad-free subscription will be enabled for a specific term as
defined in the shopping basket, depending on the option chosen by the User,
typically for one month, one year, or a perpetual term that doesn’t end. The
ad-free experience will be made available on the User account immediately
upon payment validation of the relevant fee.

4.1.1. The monthly and yearly subscription will renew automatically at the
end of each term unless cancelled.

4.1.2. The subscription disables all advertising from the Adams Academy
platform and may include additional bonus features from time to time,
including a discount voucher on purchases (currently equal to a 10%
discount) of Certificates or merchandise. Discount vouchers do not expire
and will last beyond the termination of the Premium subscription at Adams
Academy’s discretion. One discount voucher code will be issued to the User
account each month. Unspent monthly discount vouchers can accumulate over
time. No more than five vouchers representing a 50% reduction can be applied
to a single product purchase. Users can also spread accumulated monthly
discounts across multiple products (e.g., 10% off each of 5 different
products) on the same purchase event. Bonus features are subject to change
without notice.

4.1.3. The User can cancel at any time through their User Account.

4.1.4. The recurring fees will be subject to foreign exchange rate variation
over time. Adams Academy reserves the right to change the amount of
subscription fee from time to time and to vary fees across different
jurisdictions. Any changes to a User’s subscription fee will be communicated
at least 30 days in advance of a renewal.

4.2. Purchased Certificates can be in multiple formats, including digital
pdf sent electronically, physical paper parchment that is sent by post (with
an option to have the parchment set in a black wooden picture frame). Each
Certificate purchase includes an Academic Transcript. This is a more
detailed summary of the course you have completed on Adams Academy and
contains your personal details, the final score you achieved, a course
description, and the Module names that you have completed within the course.
It also contains an authentication link you can share to validate your

4.2.1. Digital Certificates can be downloaded directly from the User account
dashboard after payment is finalized.

4.2.2. Parchment is printed on special paper containing security features
such as embossed fibers, a ‘genuine’ metallic strip, the User’s details, and
an Adams Academy stamp.

4.2.3. The design, look, and feel of the Certificates are subject to change
from time to time and are available to preview in the Adams Academy Shop
prior to and during the purchase process. Once a User makes a purchase, you
accept the Certificate as is.

4.3. Standard shipping is the only option available for physical purchases
made through the Adams Academy website. Delivery times will vary depending
on the User’s location, and the User should allow up to 28 days for Standard
shipping via national postal services.

4.4. Product returns and refund requests should be made by the User to the
Adams Academy Customer Service team via email. The team will respond via
email and will confirm any successful refund requests. Adams Academy
reserves the right to refuse a refund if it is not satisfied with the
circumstances of the request.

4.4.1. The User may cancel any digital certificates that have not been
downloaded from the Adams Academy platform, and a refund will be provided.
If the platform shows that the digital certificate has been downloaded, no
refund will be possible. If the User experiences difficulty downloading
digital certificates, they should contact the Customer Support team.

4.4.2. If a physical product has not yet been printed and shipped, it will
be cancelled, and Adams Academy will make a full refund. If a physical
product has already shipped, the User must return the product(s), and then
Adams Academy will make a partial refund minus the original shipping fee
incurred. If the User provides evidence to show that a product has been lost
and undelivered within the expected maximum timeframe, Adams Academy
reserves the right to either resend the product(s) or make a full refund at
its discretion.

4.4.3. If a User has pre-ordered certificates prior to completing a course,
the User can cancel unredeemed certificates, and a refund will be provided.
Any redeemed certificates will not be refunded.

4.4.4. If a User cancels their Premium subscription before the end of their
term, any unspent ad-free subscription time will remain in place in the case
of a monthly subscription. No refunds will be available for unspent time on
a monthly subscription. For annual terms, unspent time will be refunded with
an adjustment of the fee on the basis of a conversion of the fee from an
annual to a monthly subscription. Adams Academy will immediately notify the
User of unspent time that will remain on the account and the refund amount
when the Premium subscription is cancelled.

5.1. Adams Academy offers a referral program as an incentive to existing
registered Users to refer friends to register on the Adams Academy platform.

Users and their referrals agree to the following additional terms:

5.2. Adams Academy will provide the User with a unique referral link, which
should be used to invite a friend (a “Referee”). The User is free to share
this link among friends or through social media as long as they do not
exhibit harassing behavior.

5.3. For a referring User to qualify for a reward, both the referrer and the
referee must be registered Adams Academy Users. The referee must not already
be a registered Adams Academy User. At least three (3) referees from the
unique referral link must register AND complete an Adams Academy course
within 30 days of their respective registrations.

5.4. The referring User can monitor the progress of their referral(s) and
any referral award through their own User account dashboard.

5.5. More than one referral award may be granted to referring User. The
referral award is a 50% discount voucher on the cost of a certificate
purchase for a triplicate of referrals that purchase. If 25 referrals make a
purchase, the referral award is a 50% discount voucher on the cost of a
diploma purchase. The referral award cannot be substituted for cash and
cannot be combined with any other Adams Academy offer.

5.6. Adams Academy reserves the right to change, suspend, or cancel any
aspect of its programs or services at any time without notice.

6.1. Adams Academy may offer an Affiliate Program subject to separate terms
and conditions to be agreed upon by both Adams Academy and a qualifying User
who is registered with Adams Academy under these Terms of Use.

7.1. Any product name, brand, or logo trademarks belonging to third parties
are not affiliated with Adams Academy and are not endorsed, sponsored, or
connected in any way unless explicitly stated otherwise.

7.2. The opinions and views expressed by Publishers or Users on the Adams
Academy platform and social media are those of the authors and do not
necessarily represent the views of Adams Academy.

8.1. Users must communicate with each other in a respectful and courteous
manner and refrain from abusive or inappropriate conduct, spamming, or any
other behavior that may damage the reputation of other Users or Adams

8.2. Users with comments or queries about Adams Academy services should
contact Customer Support directly. Open communication channels on the
platform should not be used for support requests or venting anger about
unresolved issues.

8.3. Users shall not express views or post material that is defamatory,
sexually explicit, obscene, offensive, inflammatory, or hateful. Users shall
not impersonate others, be deceitful, promote illegal activity, harass other
Users, incite violence, or engage in any other unlawful activity on the

8.4. Adams Academy reserves the right to remove any User-generated content
that is deemed inappropriate at its absolute discretion.

Both Adams Academy and the User are expected to comply with applicable laws and government regulations and to abide by these Terms of Use.

9.1. Any deliberate violation of these Terms of Use or unauthorized use of
Adams Academy services by the User will, at Adams Academy’s absolute
discretion, result in immediate and automatic suspension or blocking of User
account access to Adams Academy services without notice, penalty, or claim
against Adams Academy.

9.2. The User shall indemnify and hold Adams Academy (including its
Affiliates, officers, directors, and employees) harmless against any claims,
damages, losses, or expenses (including reasonable legal fees) arising out
of User breach of these Terms of Use or in relation to the User’s
negligence, wilful misconduct, improper, or abusive usage of the platform.

10. Either Adams Academy or the User can deactivate a User account at any
time without reason, notice, or further obligation. Where a User deactivates
their account, Adams Academy will retain course tracking history data.

11. These Terms of Use constitute a binding agreement between Adams Academy
and the User and are subject to the laws of the United Kingdom. Any dispute
arising out of this agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction
of the courts of the United Kingdom.

I agree to these Terms and Conditions