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Reasons Why Digital Video Is the Popular Engaging Type of Content

January 21st 2020|9 comments

5 reasons why video is the way to popular

Video has been around for many decades, but it has evolved in many different formats. Now, digital video is the most popular trend to date, thanks to advances in mobile technology and the emergence of streaming services and social media websites such as YouTube, where ordinary members of the public can record and capture moments in an instant using a smartphone or a camcorder Here are some of the reasons why video is the way forward, and why digital video capture continues to be a growing trend.

1. Digital Video content is highly popular

Many people prefer to view visual and moving content, as opposed to consuming it in written form. For example, many people go to YouTube to watch videos and it is a highly populated platform that anyone can use. YouTube is a platform that caters to all - those who are searching for tips, those who like to watch reviews, and those who like to watch people 'vlog' about their daily lives. All in all, people like to watch the video and it's not exclusive - anyone can capture video and you don't need to be an expert.

2. Video is a form of creativity

Video offers a platform for expressing your creative side. You can express your thoughts and feelings on video as opposed to writing those down in a diary or on a blog. Also, by using video, you can create footage (i.e. a short film) showcasing your talents and skills in the process.

3. Video is personal

The best thing about the video is that you can film and capture the best moments of your life and those special occasions, such as a birthday, a graduation ceremony or sports day. Video capture allows you to store and create wonderful and timeless memories that you can revisit over and over again with your loved ones, and this creates a sense of unity.

4. Video is a viable form of marketing

This year, video is a massive trend in the digital media and marketing worlds, so much so that it has been implemented and incorporated within many digital and social media platforms. This is because the video encourages interactivity and engagement from clients and consumers.

5. Video is commercial

These days, you can make a business out of video content and there are many career options available in this field. For example, you can become a video editor or video producer for a brand or agency. If you want to put your video skills to commercial use then you can start a business that would involve video capture i.e. becoming a self-employed videographer. Alternatively, you could even become the next superstar on YouTube! If you are really keen to take your passion for the video to the next level, then why not consider studying for a Diploma in Video Creation at the Adams Academy? You will learn the technical skills required to produce professional-quality work. Best of all, this is a distance-learning course so you can study in the comfort of your own home!


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