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Complete Career guide for Pharmacy Technician

August 17th 2020|40 comments

You might be looking for a new career destination and wondering how to become a pharmacy technician? Okay, I think your searching is at the end now, because I am here with you today. Firstly, let me say that, I saw many people who once tried to lead a career in this industry, but unfortunately, many of them couldn't make a career out of it. You might be thinking why? Just Because of the proper guidelines, many people end up with disappointment. I am confident enough to tell you that, if you are thinking of a career in this industry, then it is wise and surely a rewarding career path. It’s my 11th year running in this industry, I started as a pharmacy technician and now I am a pharmacist. Want to know how? So assuming that you are an enthusiast and look forward to pursuing a career in this part of the healthcare industry, I will show you everything step by step.

Table of Contents

Who is Pharmacy Technician?

who is pharmacy technician When I am offering a career guide for pharmacy technicians, first thing first I should give the idea who the pharmacy technician is. You may know about this clearly, but many of us don’t. So, a pharmacy technician is who engages with patients and responsible for the supply of medicines in a community pharmacy and liaises with other staff of the healthcare team about the supply of medicines. These days the role of the pharmacy technician is regulated and has developed significantly. Also, you may be responsible for coordinating a department in a hospital pharmacy, reviewing medicines and taking medical histories from patients or advising patients on different treatment options in a specialist area.

Responsibilities of Pharmacy Technicians

pharmacy technician When you are working in such a sensitive industry that is healthcare, you have to play various roles according to your authority’s or institutional requirements. Most importantly, to become a pharmacy technician you have to remember that peoples’ well-being is in your hand indeed! However, to give you a clear idea about the duties of pharmacy technicians, I break down the duties from a generalised point of view. Let’s take a look then:
  • Facilitates electronic EMR prescription processing by doing all duties necessary, and legal by Pharmacy laws/regulations
  • Consults daily with the pharmacist to expedite the processing and filing of prescripts
  • Executes all roles or duties under the direct supervision of the pharmacist
  • Collects a patient's demographic, insurance, and any other information essential to fill a prescription
  • Notes with the patient carefully any information that is not precisely identified on any new medicine
  • Enters patient information into the Pharmacy's relevant Software
  • Formulating a pharmacy patient classification as required for all fresh/refill prescriptions
  • Selects medications for the prescription, count, places in appropriate containers and tags following all state's laws
  • Admits refill demands from patients and processes through to the finish and spots in the area for pharmacists to complete the confirmation step
  • Conveying prescriptions to/from other drug stores
  • Ensures necessary information is provided to the patient
  • Answers incoming calls, directs to pharmacists, when appropriate, such as new prescriptions, verbal transfers, questions from providers etc
  • Develops and prepares third party prescription requirements
  • Liable for all medication-related ordering
  • Checks stock to exclude outdated items from storage
  • Fills and maintains all prescription vial storage and related supplies.

Skill Requirements for a Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technician As like any other career destination, this sector of the healthcare industry also requires a certain level of skills from you. Also, you may need some specialised skills for getting a pharmacy technician job. However, Scroll down and see what are the skills you need:
  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Good oral and written communication abilities
  • Ability to work individually as well as part of a team member
  • Time and task management, and organisational skill
  • Excellent ability to prioritise and problem solve
  • Knowledge to mathematically compute and convert drug combinations and doses
  • Ability to type fast
  • Prior experience with computers and its operating system
  • Eligibility to use a computer for order entry, inventory control, billing etc.
  • Ability to work comfortability with various people
  • Ability to work long hour
  • Ability to work in pressure situations.
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How To Become a Pharmacy Technician?

become a pharmacy technician If you're really looking for becoming a pharmacy technician, then certainly, I can tell you that your choice is wise and great indeed. Moreover, as a career destination, this sector lifts up on the job board no time like the present. However, to pursue a career as a pharmacy technician, a few traits are very common—for instance, a tendency to like maths, interpersonal communication skills, multitasking etc. So, assuming that you are now clear about what do pharmacy technician do, then let's move further and see how can become one:


Do you like maths? I am asking this because in high school, taking algebra is important. Basic algebra skills are kind of a part of a pharmacy technician's daily life. So this is essential for you. On the other hand, a communication course would be very helpful for you to progress fast. Most importantly, when you sit for an interview, your employer will test your communication skills very carefully. So, this is vital here in this industry. Be with me, and let's go step by step.  

Step 1: Getting a degree

Firstly, I have to clear you some points. You may get a pharmacy technician job without any formal education or training. Even it is true that there is no requirement for certification to become a pharmacy technician. Whatever it is, don't think to move forward without any formal recognition these days. It's a modern era, working in a healthcare industry without any formal approach can be very dangerous. Moreover, you might be thinking about pursuing a lifelong career as a pharmacy technician, then getting a degree is a must for you. Except this, you won't be successful in this career. There are many technical institutes, or online platforms offering a pharmacy technician program. So you can easily get a degree to become a successful pharmacy technician.  

Step 2: Internship

Internship for pharmacy technician This is an essential step to achieve your dream job. It enables you to gain valuable experience and a great advantage over other candidates. In many institutes, the internship is a part of the training course, which learners complete at the later stage of their training program. Generally, if you run with any school, they have an arrangement with several internship sites. Also, sometimes schools do not offer internship assistance and placement. In that case, you should take options like volunteering at a hospital. Most importantly, the internship will give you first-hand experience, so you should manage an internship.

Step 3: Get registered

Whenever you complete the necessary training and certification, you should go for the registration. To practice in the UK, pharmacy technicians must be registered with the GPHC and have satisfied the council that it meets its detailed conditions. Moreover, the registered technicians have to keep their skills and knowledge up to date with annual continuing professional development. In addition, qualified and experienced pharmacy technicians can go on to study to become a pharmacist. So, follow this step for becoming a professional pharmacy technician to pharmacist.

Step 4: Finding your first job

In this stage, you have to manage a job. This industry is growing so fast. The employment outlook is much greater than the conventional career path. The popularity of this sector is growing big and the competition also. But if you have the relevant education and certification, you can get a job fairly easily. Employers prefer a person with good interpersonal skills, decent algebra skills, computer operator basic etc. So, if you go with the formal process, you will have a bright future for sure.

Salary of the Pharmacy Technician in the UK

Pharmacy technician Now it is time to explore the salary of the pharmacy technician. The average salary in the UK is £28,564. Generally, it varies because of some determiners—for instance, your job location (big cities offer more than the smaller one), your company or employer, your negotiation etc. Also, your expertise or experience of work can help you earn more.

Closing Note

If you have gone through the article then I can tell you that just stick around your dream and work hard. Your passion will make you successful for sure. In conclusion, I just want to mention one thing again that don’t think of this career without any formal education, otherwise it won’t be fruitful. Pharmacy Tech Basics Learn the things related to medicines if you join Pharmacy Tech Basics course. Enrol Now Pharmacy Tech Basics Learn the things related to medicines if you join Pharmacy Tech Basics course. Enrol Now


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