How to Become a Massage Therapist

Are you wondering how to become a massage therapist?

These days massage therapy is on-demand throughout the world. No time like the present, massage therapy is often recommended by the doctors for various needs.

It seems you are interested in this field too. To give you a clear understanding of the massage therapist career, I have gone through some research and stunned by knowing the diverse opportunities of a massage therapist.

This is the career you can have just by your passion and love for learning. You may know that there is no degree required to become a massage therapist, so it is all up to your dedication. You can gain experience from practising in many ways and get certificates for formal qualifications. Today I will demonstrate everything you need to know to become a massage therapist.

Become a massage therapist

Skills you need to become a Massage Therapist

To have a career in a certain industry, you have to have some skills. Here are some soft skills for a massage therapist:

1. Judgment and Perception

It is unfortunate that sometimes the clients can’t comfortable to communicate directly to the therapists. So, judgment and perception is skill is very important. The therapist should have the ability to “read” people. The therapist should point out the needs through the client’s body language and cultural factors. As more as you can read out peoples needs, you can be a good therapist.

2. Empathy

Massage therapists have to deal with different body with a variety of health issues. The ability to empathise is a fundamental part of wellness through massage.

Focus on massage

3. Focus

You have to be focused on what you are doing. This sector requires full concentration and commitment. Focus entirely on client’s needs can be difficult but doing so is very important to become a successful massage therapist.

4. Love of Learning

There are many types of massage therapy methods you can follow. In your career, you will have to deal with various bodies and methods. To succeed in this industry you have to have a corner of the love of learning different methods. The more you learn the more opportunities you get.

5. Organisation

The more you organised the more you can provide better treatments to your clients. The organising skill is required in any industry, so as in this sector. Organise your tasks and make your way to do so.

Duties and responsibilities of a Massage Therapist

Duties and responsibilities of a Massage Therapist

By using touch to control the soft-tissues of the body, massage therapists treat clients to urge obviate any needs. Their magic touch relieves pain, help restore injuries, improve circulation, relieve stress, increase relaxation, and aid within the general wellness of clients. Clients come to therapists for several reasons. Some may need a relax session, some are coming for rehabilitation following an injury. A massage therapist has got to play various role. The health care industry is extremely sensitive when someone is working during this sector, meaning he has got to play some vital role. As Duties and Responsibilities

  • They perform expert quality massage, within the scope of practice.
  • Follow all policies and protocols.
  • make sure the cleanliness of the situation, therapy rooms and customary areas
  • Utilises recognised modalities, following applicable law in your location.
  • If performing hot stone, deep muscle or prenatal therapy, must have relevant training and satisfy the minimum clinic education hours.
  • Maintain a knowledgeable manner in the least times.
  • Design specific sessions supported the member’s specific needs.
  • Assists within the promotion of the health and wellness benefits to clients receiving massage therapy regularly;
  • communicates various promotions to clients.
  • Formulates excellent guest experience through a friendly and cooperative attitude.
  • Reliable, on-time presence. Attends all scheduled shifts, is prompt to figure and works complete scheduled shift.
  • Completes Wellness Chart documentation accurately and completely.
  • Keep safe and effective body mechanics within the application of massage therapy.
  • Use draping methods that address both function and safety.
  • Using practical interpersonal communication within the professional relationship.
  • Utilising an ethical decision-making process that adheres to the moral standards of the profession.
  • Maintain safe and effective body mechanics within the application of massage therapy.
  • Using effective interpersonal communication within the professional relationship.
  • Other duties as assigned.

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Different Types of Massage Therapy

Different Types of Massage Therapy

Swedish massage

This one of the popular types. To manipulate the body’s soft tissues, therapists use five basic strokes, all moving toward the heart. There are some benefits of a Swedish massage like general relaxation, relief from muscular tension and pain and improved circulation.

Deep-tissue massage

This type of massage includes higher pressure and trigger-point therapy to reach deeper muscle beds. This is used to help ease chronic patterns of muscular tension.

CranioSacral Therapy

The therapist uses unique soft-touch methods to release stresses deep in the body to ease the pain. It also aids in the improvement of whole-body health. A CranioSacral session can be used alone, as well it allows combined massage therapy.

Sports massage

This type includes warming up tissues and muscles, increasing blood flow, aiding in recovering, aiding in recovery from an injury and many more. By fully knowing them; when, what and why- the massage session can be tailored precisely to each client each time they come for the treatment.

There are more types of massage therapy such as:

  • Aromatherapy massage
  • Baby massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Hot stone massage
  • Indian head massage
  • Pregnancy and post-natal massage
  • Shiatsu
  • Thai massage etc

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Massage Therapist Qualification in the UK

There is no set of degrees required for the massage therapist. But if you want to establish your own business, qualification from accredited courses is highly recommended. Because it is your formal evidence that you are an expert one. It will help grow your business because it will create a positive impression on your clients. They will feel more comfortable because this is what they trust before you get started. The qualifications for massage therapy generally take around  6 months to complete. ILEC (Level 3 RQF) Diploma is the certification you can get for your eligibility to become a massage therapist. CPD accredited and more advanced courses like the BTEC professional diploma you can take to gain more experience to become a massage therapist.

Universities in the UK offer a different level of massage therapy degrees like Metropolitan University, Cardiff offers BSc (Hons) degree in some relevant field.

Salary expectation for the massage therapist

Massage Therapist Qualification in the UK

It depends on your personal situation. The hourly average of payment of massage therapist is £10.16 when they are employed, and the annual salary is £20,000 per year. It may vary because of your job location.

You can make a massive change if you are self-employed. If you choose to work for yourself, you can earn £65 per hour. 15 hours of work in a week has the potential to make £950 per week.

Career opportunities for a Massage therapist

Massage therapy offers a wide range of locations and settings. You can be employed or work for yourself in many different areas.

Work in a Massage Clinic

It can take many different forms. You can take a chance to work in a massage clinic or open your own business. In massage clinic usually accommodates several massage therapists, receptionist and manager and accountant.

Work in a Wellness Center

Work in a Wellness Center

In this setting, the therapist is one of many types of wellness professionals. Wellness programs indicate the importance of paying attention to the body, mind, and spirit to promote and maintain maximum health wellness.

Start a Private Practice

You can start your own practice. You may need an office space or simply use your home. You can set your own environment and start your own business.

Work at a Spa

Working at Spa could be an excellent career destination for massage therapist. You can start a career as a Spa massage therapist because these days it is the most popular job destination for the therapist.

Work on a Cruise Ship

It can be your dream to work on a cruise ship. In the UK, there are several cruise companies hire massage therapists. So you have an opportunity to have a career on a cruise ship.

Work in a Medical Setting

There are many different medical environments where massage therapists might work. The settings such as a chiropractic office, hospital, hospice, naturopathic practice, sports clinic, physical therapy office, or rehabilitation centres.

Work with Clients with Special Needs

You have the opportunity to help needy people solve their problems. Sometimes you may have clients with special needs.

So, what’s now?

Why late, just move forward to your dream and make it real.

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