Vulnerability, Abuse & Safeguarding

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Key Concepts Covered by This Free Course:

  • Identify the key elements of safeguarding and recognize abuse, neglect, and exploitation in care settings.
  • Understand the principles of safeguarding children and young people.
  • Learn about whistleblowing and information sharing within the context of adult and child safeguarding.
  • Acquire knowledge of restrictive practices, restraint, and deprivation of liberty.
  • Develop a better understanding of online safety measures and how to protect vulnerable individuals from abuse.
  • Gain insight into responding to suspected or disclosed abuse or neglect.

Course Overview 

The Vulnerability, Abuse & Safeguarding course is designed to provide individuals with a comprehensive understanding of safeguarding principles and practices in care settings. The course covers a wide range of topics, including abuse, neglect, and exploitation, restrictive practices, whistleblowing, and online safety measures. The course is ideal for anyone who works with vulnerable individuals, including children, young people, and adults.

The course provides an in-depth understanding of safeguarding principles, including the identification of abuse, neglect, and exploitation, the principles of safeguarding children and young people, and the importance of whistleblowing and information sharing in safeguarding. It also covers restrictive practices, restraint, and deprivation of liberty, and online safety measures. Participants will develop the skills and knowledge necessary to respond effectively to suspected or disclosed abuse or neglect.

Course Benefits 

The Vulnerability, Abuse & Safeguarding course offers a range of benefits for participants. Firstly, it provides a comprehensive understanding of safeguarding principles and practices, ensuring that individuals are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to work effectively with vulnerable individuals. The course also covers a range of topics, including restrictive practices, online safety measures, and whistleblowing, making it a comprehensive course for anyone working in the care sector.

Secondly, the course is flexible and can be completed online, making it accessible to individuals with busy schedules. Participants can complete the course at their own pace, enabling them to balance their study with other commitments. The course also includes interactive learning resources, including case studies and scenarios, which enhance the learning experience.

Career Path 

  • Support Worker – providing practical and emotional support to individuals who require care and support.
  • Care Assistant – supporting individuals with personal care and daily living activities.
  • Social Worker – assessing, planning, and delivering social care services to individuals and families.
  • Family Support Worker – providing support to families who require help with parenting, financial management, or other issues.
  • Safeguarding Officer – responsible for the implementation and delivery of safeguarding policies and procedures within an organization.
  • Youth Worker – supporting young people in a variety of settings, including schools, youth clubs, and community centers.

Course content

  • video Module 1: Systems & Procedures Relating to Adult Safeguarding
  • video Module 2: Response to Suspected or Disclosed Abuse or Neglect
  • video Module 3: Whistleblowing and Information Sharing
  • video Module 4: Safeguarding a Child or Young Person
  • video Module 5: Principles to Safeguard Vulnerable Adults
  • video Module 6: Restrictive Practices, Restraint, Deprivation of Liberty
  • video Module 7: Abuses and Individual Vulnerability and Online Safety Measures

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