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Voiceover artist online course

(4 students)

This course includes:

04:43:00 hours

CPD Accreditation

12 units

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Accumulate a deep understanding of vocal techniques to effectively convey emotion, tone and intention in voiceover work.
  • Develop a diverse range of vocal styles and character voices to meet various project requirements.
  • Enhance your script interpretation skills to deliver natural and authentic performances.
  • Master the art of timing and pacing to deliver engaging and effective voiceovers.
  • Understand the industry standards and trends to create voiceover work that is competitive and marketable.
  • Comprehend to use of professional equipment and software to create high-quality voiceover recordings.
  • Explore various niches and genres of voiceover work to expand your professional opportunities.
  • Develop a solid personal brand and marketing strategy to promote your voiceover services and attract clients.

Course Description:

This voiceover artist online course is designed to provide extensive training in voiceover techniques, including vocal techniques, character voice development, script interpretation, timing, pacing, industry standards, professional equipment and software, genre exploration, and marketing strategy. In addition, the course aims to develop the wisdom of aspiring voiceover artists to create engaging and effective voiceovers in various niches and genres.

Course Benefits:

This voiceover artist online course is an excellent opportunity to develop comprehensive training in voiceover techniques. Learners can acquire the wisdom to create natural and authentic voiceovers that are competitive and marketable in various niches and genres. In addition, this course provides an opportunity to learn from renowned course providers and develop a solid personal brand and marketing strategy to attract clients.

Career Path:

  • Voice Actor: Providing voiceover services for commercials, films, TV shows, video games, audiobooks, and other media.
  • Narrator: Recording voiceovers for documentaries, corporate videos, educational materials, and other non-fiction projects.
  • Podcast Host: Hosting and producing podcasts by providing engaging and informative voiceovers for different episodes.
  • Radio Presenter: Presenting and hosting radio shows by providing voiceovers for news, advertisements, and other segments.
  • Dubbing Artist: Providing voiceovers for foreign language films and TV shows to adapt them for different markets.
  • Audio Book Narrator: Recording voiceovers for audio versions of books for various genres.
  • E-learning Voiceover Artist: Providing voiceovers for educational and training materials in online courses and learning programs.
Course content

Voiceover artist online course

01: Introduction to Voiceover


02: Voiceover Basics


03: Finding Your Voice


04: Using Your Instrument


05: Exercising Your Voice


06: Useful Tips


07: Plan Your Demo


08: The Audition


09: Record Your Voice


10: The Studio


11: Promoting Your Voice


12: UK Voice Acting Industry


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