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Travel Agent and Consultant Training

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Learning Outcomes

  • Acquire a deep understanding of the travel and tourism industry and its various products and services.
  • Develop the ability to manage tour operations and travel retailing.
  • Learn how to effectively market travel and tourism services, focusing on customer service and satisfaction.
  • Become proficient in using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools in the context of the travel industry.
  • Comprehend the principles of human resource management in the travel industry and learn how to manage crises and visitor attractions.
  • Gain an understanding of transport management procedures and sustainable tourism practices.
  • Expand awareness of public campaigns and comprehend the impact of geopolitical changes, like Brexit, on the tourism industry.

Course Overview

This course provides an all-encompassing industry exploration, diving deep into the diverse tourism products and services. You'll learn how to operate tours and retail travel services. We'll guide you in cultivating advanced communication skills for stellar customer service and using cutting-edge CRM tools to build and nurture customer relationships. From understanding the intricacies of HR in the travel industry to navigating crisis management and visitor attraction, this course equips you with a diverse set of challenges. You'll also get a grip on essential issues such as sustainable tourism, public awareness campaigns, and the implications of significant geopolitical events, like Brexit, on the tourism industry.

Course Benefits

The travel industry is multifaceted and ever-evolving; this course places you right in the heart, prepared and ready to flourish. You'll be trained in the critical areas of the industry, from tour operations and travel retailing to marketing strategies specifically designed for travel and tourism. With these competencies, you'll be able to anticipate and meet customer needs, contributing to a thriving business. The course focuses on essential skills and knowledge like HR management, crisis control, transport management, and sustainability, which are applicable across industries. The benefits aren't limited to the travel industry. It allows you to develop a holistic skill set that could open doors in various sectors. Ultimately, the course offers a comprehensive toolkit for anyone aiming to impact the travel and tourism industry.

Career Path

  • Travel Consultant: Offer tailored advice and services to clients planning their travels.
  • Tour Operator: Develop and manage travel packages for tourists.
  • Tourism Marketing Manager: Plan and execute marketing strategies for tourism services.
  • Customer Relations Manager: Handle customer relationships and improve customer experience in travel businesses.
  • Visitor Attraction Manager: Oversee operations and guest experiences at tourism sites.
  • Sustainable Tourism Coordinator: Advocate and implement sustainable practices within the travel industry.
  • Transport Operations Manager: Oversee the logistics and procedures involved in transporting tourists.
Course content

Travel Agent and Consultant Training

01: Introduction to Travel and Tourism


02: Tourism Products and Services


03: Tour Operating and Travel Retailing


04: Marketing in Travel and Tourism


05: Developing Communication Skills


06: Customer Service and Satisfaction


07: Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


08: Human Resource Management in Travel Industry


09: Crisis and Visitor Attraction Management


10: Transport Management Procedure


11: Sustainable Tourism


12: Public Awareness Campaigns


13: Brexit and its Impact on Tourism Industry


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