Printing Worker

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This course includes:

  • list-favs2 hours, 6 minutes
  • list-favsCPD Accreditation
  • list-favs9 units
  • list-favsFull lifetime access
  • list-favsAccess on mobile and TV
  • list-favsCertificate of completion

Key Concepts Covered by This Free Course:

  • Mastering the intricate details of print production from inception to completion.
  • Gaining a deep understanding of colour intricacies and its pivotal role in print.
  • Harnessing the power of industry-leading tools used in print production.
  • A dive into the world of fonts and what makes them tick in printed materials.
  • Amplifying your designs with exclusive Photoshop and Illustrator production tips.

Course Overview

Immerse yourself in the intricate world of print production, a realm where creativity meets technical prowess. Through this meticulously designed course, step into a space where each module has been curated to unlock a universe of knowledge in the printing domain. Elevate your understanding of colour theory, delve into the secrets behind effective font usage, and master the art of Photoshop and Illustrator. Whether you are starting out or aiming to consolidate your foundational knowledge, this course serves as your gateway to a flourishing career in the vibrant and ever-evolving sector of print production.

Course Benefits: 

This course offers a rare opportunity for learners to gain an edge in the print production arena. As print continues to be a cornerstone in numerous sectors, having a thorough understanding of its processes can set you apart from the crowd. Elevate your credentials and unlock doors to a myriad of opportunities in the ever-evolving domain of print. This comprehensive learning path could be your ticket to a rewarding career, offering a fresh perspective on an age-old craft.

Career Path:

  • Print Production Manager: Oversee the end-to-end process, ensuring the highest quality of printed materials.
  • Colour Specialist: Champion the art of colour precision and consistency in every printed piece.
  • Bindery Supervisor: Ensure top-notch finishing touches, from binding to intricate detailing.
  • Digital Imaging Specialist: Dive deep into raster images, ensuring clarity and quality.
  • Graphic Production Artist: Perfect designs using Photoshop and Illustrator for impeccable print results.

Course content

  • video Module 01 Fundamentals of Print Production
  • video Module 02 Process of Print Production
  • video Module 03 Tools of Print Production
  • video Module 04 Understanding Colour
  • video Module 05 Binding and Finishing
  • video Module 06 Preparing Raster Images
  • video Module 07 Understanding Fonts
  • video Module 08 Photoshop Production Tips
  • video Module 09 Illustrator Production Tips

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