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Make Money With YouTube

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Key Concepts Covered by This Free Course:

  • Understanding YouTube channel income and monetisation strategies
  • Setting up and optimising your YouTube channel
  • Tips for creating successful YouTube content
  • Promoting merchandise and growing your channel's reach
  • Leveraging advanced tactics for channel promotion and increasing subscribers

Course Overview:

YouTube is the ultimate platform for video lovers and creators. It allows you to watch, share and make videos on any topic you can imagine. It also allows you to earn money from your videos and build a loyal fan base. But how do you start a YouTube channel and make it successful? How do you create videos that attract and engage viewers? How do you monetise your channel and grow your audience? That’s what this free course will teach you. This course will show you how to create a YouTube channel from scratch, choose a niche, create a brand name and logo, and set up your channel’s settings and features. You will also learn how to create engaging and informative videos that provide value to your audience and meet YouTube’s guidelines. You will also learn how to monetise your YouTube channel using various methods such as ads, merchandise, sponsorships and more. This course is packed with tips, tricks and best practices that will help you become a YouTube superstar in no time.

Course Benefits:

The advantages of learning how to generate money on YouTube are numerous. You will be able to use your movies to express yourself and share your interest with the world, as well as to make money. You can make money through YouTube's advertising scheme, by selling your own goods or services, working with companies or organisations, or developing your own online programs or memberships. Additionally, you can create authority in your field and gain the audience's confidence and credibility. You'll also learn important skills in this course that might improve your professional chances. This course will provide you the skills and information you need to be successful in your chosen area, whether it be digital marketing, social media management, video marketing, or freelance video creation. Your YouTube abilities and portfolio will also allow you to dazzle potential employers and clients.

Career Path:

  • YouTube Content Creator: Generate income through creating engaging videos on YouTube.
  • Digital Marketer: Utilize YouTube advertising and promotion skills to drive brand success.
  • Social Media Manager: Manage and grow online communities for brands or influencers using YouTube.
  • E-commerce Entrepreneur: Launch and grow an e-commerce business with YouTube as a marketing platform.
  • Digital Consultant: Provide expertise in YouTube optimisation, SEO, and analytics for individuals and businesses.
Course content

Make Money With YouTube

PROMO – YouTube Channel Income


Lesson 1: YouTube channel income


Lesson 2: About YouTube


Lesson 3: The technical guide to setting up a YouTube channel


Lesson 4: Tips for a successful YouTube channel


Lesson 5: How to monetize your YouTube channel


Lesson 6: Tips to promote the merchandise on your YouTube channel


Lesson 7: How beauty vloggers grow their YouTube channel


Lesson 8: Tips to create a gaming channel on YouTube


Lesson 9: How to guest vlog on YouTube and get more channel views


Lesson 10: Advanced tactics for promoting your youtube channel and increasing subscribers


Lesson 11: Best tips on profitable YouTube advertising and promotion


Lesson 12: How to derive sales using YouTube cards


Lesson 13: YouTube channel SEO Tips


Lesson 14: YouTube channel analytics


Lesson 15: How to make YouTube a part of a successful B2B marketing funnel


Lesson 16: Tools and apps to grow your YouTube channel


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