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Introduction to Podcasting

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This course includes:

03:02:00 hours

CPD Accreditation

10 units

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop an understanding of the history and evolution of podcasting as a form of media.
  • Acquire knowledge of the equipment and software necessary to produce high-quality podcasts.
  • Enhance creativity to generate unique and engaging content for podcasts.
  • Gain expertise in writing and storytelling techniques specific to podcasting.
  • Improve communication methods to deliver content effectively and engage with listeners.
  • Learn to conduct research and interviews to gather information for podcast content.
  • Develop marketing and promotion crafts to build an audience and promote podcasts effectively.
  • Develop proficiency in analysing podcast metrics and data to make informed decisions for podcast growth and improvement.

Course Description:

The Introduction to Podcasting course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the basics of podcasting. This course covers various topics such as planning, scripting, recording, editing, and podcast publishing. Individuals will learn about the equipment required for podcasting, such as microphones, audio interfaces, and editing software. Additionally, the course highlights the significance of content creation, audience engagement, and podcast marketing strategies. The course aims to equip participants with the command to create and publish a successful podcast.

Course Benefits:

The Introduction to Podcasting course can benefit individuals interested in creating and publishing their podcasts. By taking this course, individuals will better understand the basics of podcasting and learn how to plan, script, record, edit, and publish a podcast effectively. This knowledge can help individuals create engaging content and attract a loyal podcast audience. Furthermore, individuals will gain a deeper understanding of the importance of audience engagement and marketing strategies for podcasts, which can help them reach a wider audience and grow their podcast brand. By the end of the course, individuals will be able to apply their knowledge of podcasting in real-world situations and contribute towards the growth and development of the podcasting industry.

Career Path:

  • Podcast Producer: responsible for overseeing all aspects of podcast production, including content development, recording, and post-production.
  • Podcast Host: responsible for hosting and presenting content on a podcast, often with a specific focus or theme.
  • Audio Engineer: responsible for recording and editing podcast audio to ensure high-quality sound.
  • Content Marketer: responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies to promote podcasts and grow their audience.
  • Digital Media Specialist: responsible for developing and implementing digital media strategies for podcasts, including social media and website management.
  • Scriptwriter: responsible for writing scripts and podcast content, often with a specific focus or theme.
  • Multimedia Journalist: responsible for researching, writing, and producing multimedia content for podcasts, including interviews and reporting.
Course content

Introduction to Podcasting

01: Podcasting Fundamentals


02: Planning Podcast


03: Podcasting Tools


04: Recording a Podcast


05: Power Voice Coaching


06: Editing Your Podcast


07: Publishing Podcast


08: Creating a Video Podcast


09: Promoting and Marketing


10: Podcast Outsourcing


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