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Introduction to Archaeology

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the definition and scope of archaeology, including the different types of archaeology practised today.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of archaeological periods, including the cultural, technological, and environmental factors that influenced human societies in the past.
  • Analyse the methods and techniques used in archaeology, including surveying, excavation, dating, and interpretation.
  • Interpret and evaluate archaeological data and artefacts, including their cultural, social, and historical significance.
  • Critically evaluate ethical and legal issues in archaeological research and practice.
  • Communicate effectively about archaeological topics, both orally and in writing.
  • Develop an understanding of teamwork, collaboration, and critical thinking through group projects and class discussions.

Course Overview:

In this course, you'll explore the different types of archaeology, the cultural and technological developments of different periods, and the methods and techniques used in the field. You'll learn how archaeologists survey, excavate, date, and interpret artefacts and how they use this information to build a picture of the past. You'll also explore ethical and legal issues in archaeological research and practice and develop your communication, teamwork, and critical thinking approaches through group projects and class discussions. By the end of this course, you'll have a deep understanding of the scope and importance of archaeology and be able to communicate effectively about archaeological topics both orally and in writing.

Course Benefits:

This course will provide a range of benefits that will enhance your understanding of archaeology and prepare you for further study or a career in the field. By exploring the different types of archaeology and periods, you'll gain a broad understanding of the scope of the discipline and the cultural, technological, and environmental factors that influenced human societies in the past. You'll also develop methods, including analysing and interpreting archaeological data and artefacts, communicating effectively about archaeological topics, and working collaboratively in a group setting. This knowledge will be valuable in various contexts, from academic study to professional work in heritage management, museum curation, and cultural resource management. Moreover, this course will deepen your understanding of the ethical and legal issues involved in archaeological research and practice, preparing you to navigate these challenges as you pursue further study or a career in the field.

Career Path:

Here are seven potential career paths that you could explore with a background in archaeology:
  • Archaeological Field Technician - Conducts surveys, excavations, and laboratory analysis under the direction of a project archaeologist.
  • Heritage Manager - Oversees the conservation and management of cultural heritage sites, artefacts, and collections.
  • Museum Curator - Develops and manages exhibitions and collections of historical and cultural artefacts in museums and other institutions.
  • Cultural Resource Manager - Conducts surveys and assessments to identify cultural resources and develop management plans for their protection.
  • Historical Interpreter - Develops and delivers educational programs and interpretive materials to engage the public with historical and cultural sites and artefacts.
  • Environmental Archaeologist - Investigates the relationship between human societies and the natural environment in the past, using archaeological evidence.
  • Research Archaeologist - Conducts original research on archaeological topics, often in academic or research institutions.
Course content

Introduction to Archaeology

Introduction to Archaeology


Different Types of Archaeology


Archaeological Time Periods


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