Hydroponics Gardening Online Course

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Earn an understanding of the principles and techniques of hydroponic gardening.
  • Develop the skills to design and set up a hydroponic system for growing plants.
  • Learn how to select and manage appropriate nutrient solutions for hydroponic plants.
  • Acquire an understanding of the environmental factors that affect hydroponic plant growth, and learn how to manage them effectively.
  • Develop the ability to identify and manage common pests and diseases in hydroponic systems.
  • Discover how to propagate and transplant plants in a hydroponic system.
  • Gain an understanding of the principles and practices of sustainable hydroponic gardening.
  • Grow critical thinking approaches to evaluate and troubleshoot problems in a hydroponic system.

Course Description:

The Hydroponics Gardening Online Course provides learners with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and techniques of hydroponic gardening. This course is designed for individuals who want to learn how to grow plants in a soil-free environment and explore the potential of hydroponic gardening. The course covers various topics, including the principles of hydroponics, system design and set-up, nutrient management, environmental control, pest and disease management, plant propagation and transplanting, and sustainable practices. Through theoretical and real-world examples, learners will understand how to set up and manage a successful hydroponic garden.

Course Benefits:

The Hydroponics Gardening Online Course provides learners with a range of benefits, including the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of hydroponic gardening and its potential. This course also provides learners with the opportunity to gain a recognised qualification that is highly valued by employers in the horticulture sector. Upon completing the course, learners will be equipped with the wisdom to design and set up a hydroponic system, manage nutrient solutions, control environmental factors, manage pests and diseases, propagate and transplant plants, and adopt sustainable practices. This course is also ideal for individuals interested in exploring a new hobby or career path in hydroponic gardening.

Career Path:

  • Hydroponic Farmer: Grows crops using hydroponic techniques, managing nutrient solutions and environmental factors to optimise growth and yield.
  • Horticulture Technician: Maintains and manages hydroponic systems in various settings, including commercial farms and research institutions.
  • Greenhouse Manager: Oversees the operations of a greenhouse, ensuring that hydroponic systems and other growing environments are managed effectively.
  • Agronomist: Conducts research and provides advice on plant growth and production, including hydroponic techniques.
  • Agricultural Scientist: Conducts research and development in the field of hydroponic agriculture, working on new technologies and techniques to improve plant growth and production.
  • Urban Farmer: Grows crops in urban settings using hydroponic and other sustainable techniques, contributing to local food security and community development.
  • Hydroponic Consultant: Provides advice and support to individuals and organisations on hydroponic techniques and practices, helping them to optimise their growing systems.

Course content

  • video Module 01: Introduction to Hydroponics
  • video Module 02: Systems of hydroponic culture
  • video Module 03: Plant Nutrition
  • video Module 04: Equipment
  • video Module 05: Rooting media
  • video Module 06: Seedling and Plant Maintenance
  • video Module 07: Nutritional Problems and Solutions in Plant
  • video Module 08: Growing in Greenhouses

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