Healthcare GDPR Basics

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This course includes:

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Key Concepts Covered by This Free Course:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of Healthcare GDPR
  • Data governance and its role in healthcare
  • Rights and obligations of healthcare data subjects
  • Protecting sensitive health data and GDPR obligations
  • Cross-border health data transfer and legal frameworks
  • Ethical considerations in medical research

Course Overview:

Introducing our comprehensive “Healthcare GDPR Basics” course, designed to equip you with essential knowledge in the realm of healthcare data security and compliance. Dive into the intricacies of GDPR within the healthcare sector, as we unravel the core principles, obligations, and challenges associated with safeguarding sensitive patient information. Each module delves deep into the essential aspects of data governance, privacy rights, security measures, and the intricacies of cross-border health data exchange. Our course not only imparts critical insights but empowers you to navigate this complex regulatory landscape with confidence.

Course Benefits:

By enrolling in “Healthcare GDPR Basics,” you gain a competitive edge in your healthcare career. This knowledge is your passport to ensuring data security, patient trust, and compliance with healthcare regulations. As healthcare data breaches continue to make headlines, organizations need professionals well-versed in GDPR. This course opens doors to lucrative opportunities and career advancement. It’s your chance to become a trusted guardian of healthcare data.

Career Path:

  • Healthcare Data Compliance Officer: Ensure healthcare organizations comply with GDPR regulations to protect patient data.
  • Data Protection Specialist: Safeguard sensitive health information and implement data security measures.
  • Privacy Consultant: Advise healthcare institutions on GDPR compliance and data protection strategies.
  • Research Ethics Coordinator: Oversee ethical considerations in medical research and ensure compliance with legal requirements.
  • Health Data Analyst: Analyze healthcare data while adhering to GDPR principles, ensuring data privacy is maintained.

Course content

  • video Module 1 Introduction to Healthcare GDPR
  • video Module 2 Data Governance in Healthcare
  • video Module 3 Healthcare Data Subject Rights and Obligations
  • video Module 4 Protecting Health Data
  • video Module 5 GDPR Obligations and Sensitive Data
  • video Module 6 Transferring Health Data
  • video Module 7 Consent and Lawful Bases for Healthcare Data Processing
  • video Module 8 Rights of Data Subjects
  • video Module 9 Safeguarding Healthcare Data
  • video Module 10 Protecting Health Data in the Modern Age
  • video Module 11 Cross-Border Health Data
  • video Module 12 Medical Research

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