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English for Healthcare

(2 students)

This course includes:

04:42:00 hours

CPD Accreditation

12 units

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop language proficiency and accuracy in healthcare-related communication.
  • Enhance knowledge of medical terminology to improve comprehension and communication in the healthcare field.
  • Gain familiarity with healthcare laws and regulations to comply with ethical and legal requirements in healthcare communication.
  • Improve intercultural communication methods to communicate with patients from diverse backgrounds effectively.
  • Increase understanding of medical procedures and treatments to provide accurate and appropriate patient information.
  • Enhance listening and speaking approaches to effectively communicate with patients, colleagues, and healthcare professionals.
  • Develop critical thinking skills to analyse and evaluate medical information and communicate effectively in complex situations.
  • Improve written communication methods to document patient information and medical reports accurately.

Course Description:

English for Healthcare is a course designed to help healthcare professionals communicate more effectively in English. The course covers a range of topics related to healthcare, including medical terminology, patient communication, and professional writing. Learners will develop their English language skills in a healthcare context, allowing them to understand better and communicate with patients, colleagues, and other healthcare professionals. The course also addresses cultural differences and diversity in healthcare, preparing learners to navigate the complexities of healthcare communication in a global context. Through various interactive activities and exercises, learners will build their confidence and proficiency in using English in healthcare settings.

Course Benefits:

English for Healthcare offers a range of benefits to healthcare professionals looking to enhance their communication skills. By improving their English language proficiency in a healthcare context, learners will be better equipped to communicate effectively with patients and colleagues, reducing misunderstandings and improving patient outcomes. The course also allows learners to read and write professional documents in English, such as medical reports and emails. Additionally, learners will develop cultural competency, allowing them to communicate effectively with diverse patient populations and work effectively in a global healthcare environment. Ultimately, English for Healthcare provides healthcare professionals with the tools and confidence they need to communicate effectively and provide high-quality care to patients from all backgrounds.

Career Path:

  • Medical Interpreter – Provide interpretation services for non-English speaking patients and healthcare professionals.
  • International Patient Coordinator – Assist international patients with healthcare arrangements, including communication with healthcare providers.
  • Healthcare Administrator – Oversee healthcare facilities and ensure effective communication among healthcare professionals and patients.
  • Medical Writer – Create written content for healthcare organisations, including patient education materials and medical reports.
  • Healthcare Marketing Manager – Develop marketing strategies and materials for healthcare organisations to communicate effectively with patients.
  • Medical Researcher – Conduct medical research and communicate findings to healthcare professionals and the public.
  • Healthcare Consultant – Provide consulting services to healthcare organisations on communication strategies and compliance with healthcare laws and regulations.
Course content

English for Healthcare

01: Human Body Vocabulary with Pictures


02: Equipment, Instruments and Lab Tests


03: Acronyms and Abbreviation


04: Digestive System


05: Cardiovascular System


06: Blood and Immunity System


07: Respiratory System


08: Musculoskeletal System


09: Central Nervous System


10: Professional Communication and Behaviour


11: Interviewing Techniques


12: Adapting Communication to a Patient’s Ability to Understand


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