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Diploma in Basic Chemistry Level 3

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop an understanding of basic chemistry concepts, including matter and the atom.
  • Explain chemical bonding and energy in chemical reactions.
  • Analyse the periodic table and understand its relevance to chemistry.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of intermolecular forces, gases, and solutions.
  • Examine chemical equilibrium, kinetics, acids, and bases.
  • Identify and describe redox reactions, electricity in chemistry, and inorganic and organic chemistry.
  • Evaluate nuclear chemistry, biochemistry, industrial chemistry, and environmental chemistry.

Course Overview:

This comprehensive program covers all aspects of basic chemistry, including understanding matter, chemical bonding, energy, and the periodic table. The course covers many topics, including inorganic and organic, biochemistry, nuclear, industrial, and environmental chemistry. The course is designed to give individuals a fundamental understanding of basic chemistry concepts and their application. You will learn about intermolecular forces, gases, solutions, chemical equilibrium, kinetics, acids, and bases. The course also covers laboratory safety and chemical hygiene plans, ensuring that individuals know to work safely in a laboratory environment. By completing this course, individuals will have a comprehensive understanding of basic chemistry concepts and their practical application.

Course Benefits:

The Diploma in Basic Chemistry Level 3 offers a range of benefits to individuals seeking to advance their knowledge in chemistry. The course covers essential topics such as chemical bonding, energy, the periodic table, and intermolecular forces, among others. By taking this course, individuals will develop an understanding of basic chemistry concepts and their application. They will also gain practical wisdom that can be applied in a laboratory environment. Additionally, the course covers laboratory safety and chemical hygiene plans, ensuring that individuals have the knowledge to work safely in a laboratory environment. Furthermore, this course is ideal for individuals interested in pursuing a career in chemistry or related fields. It's also suitable for individuals who want to advance their knowledge in chemistry for personal or professional development.

Career Path:

  • Chemical Analyst - responsible for conducting chemical analysis to determine the composition and properties of various substances.
  • Quality Control Technician - responsible for ensuring that products meet the required quality standards through chemical analysis and testing.
  • Research Chemist - responsible for conducting research and experiments to develop new chemicals or improve existing ones.
  • Environmental Chemist - responsible for monitoring and analysing environmental samples for pollutants and designing solutions to reduce or eliminate them.
  • Chemical Engineer - responsible for designing and developing chemical processes and equipment for producing chemicals and other products.
  • Science Writer - responsible for writing technical documents, such as research papers, reports, and manuals, for scientific and technical audiences.
Course content

Diploma in Basic Chemistry

01: Introduction to Basic Chemistry


02: Understanding Matter


03: Atom


04: Chemical Bonding


05: Energy


06: Periodic Table


07: Intermolecular Forces


08: Gases


09: Solution


10: Chemical Equilibrium


11: Kinetics and Equilibrium


12: Acids and Bases


13: pH and pOH


14: Reactions Involving Acids and Bases


15: Redox Reaction


16: Electricity and Chemistry


17: Inorganic Chemistry


18: Organic Chemistry


19: Biochemistry


20: Nuclear Chemistry


21: Industrial Chemistry


22: Environmental Chemistry


23: Laboratory Safety


24: Chemical Hygiene Plan


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