Baking & Cake Decorating Online Diploma Course

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This course includes:

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Key Concepts Covered by This Free Course:

  • Basic concepts and ingredients of baking
  • Glossary and equipment used in baking
  • Types of cakes and baking principles
  • Cake decorating recipes and ideas
  • Frosting and icing techniques
  • Working with different pastes and glazes
  • Health, safety, and food hygiene in cake decorating

Course Overview:

Do you have a passion for baking and dream of creating beautiful, professionally decorated cakes? Our Baking & Cake Decorating Online Diploma Course is the perfect solution. Our comprehensive course covers everything you need to know to become a skilled baker and cake decorator, from the basic concepts and ingredients of baking to advanced cake decorating techniques.

In our course, you’ll learn about the different types of cakes and baking principles, as well as the equipment and ingredients used in baking. You’ll also gain the necessary skills in cake decorating, including frosting and icing techniques, working with different pastes and glazes, and even how to stack a cake. Our course also covers important topics such as health, safety, and food hygiene in cake decorating.

Course Benefits:

By taking our Baking & Cake Decorating Online Diploma Course, you’ll gain valuable knowledge and skills that can positively impact your personal and professional life. Not only will you be able to create beautiful and delicious cakes for your friends and family, but you’ll also have the opportunity to start your own cake-decorating business or pursue a career in the baking industry.

Not only will you gain valuable skills in baking and cake decorating, but you’ll also have the opportunity to network with other baking enthusiasts and potentially even start a career in the baking industry. Our course can open up new opportunities and possibilities for you, both personally and professionally.

Career Path:

  • Professional Baker: Work as a skilled baker in a bakery or pastry shop.
  • Cake Decorator: Use your skills in cake decorating to create beautiful and unique cakes for special occasions.
  • Pastry Chef: Use your knowledge of baking and cake decorating to create delicious desserts and pastries in a professional kitchen.
  • Caterer: Offer cake decorating services as part of your catering business.
  • Food Blogger: Use your knowledge and skills to create engaging and visually stunning content for your food blog.

Course content

  • video Module 01: Basic Concepts of Baking
  • video Module 02: Basic Ingredients of Baking
  • video Module 03: Glossary and Equipment Used in Baking
  • video Module 04: Types of Cakes
  • video Module 05: Baking the Cake
  • video Module 06: Baking Principles
  • video Module 07: Cake Decorating Recipes
  • video Module 08: Cake Decorating Ideas
  • video Module 09: Frosting and Icing
  • video Module 10: Working with Different Pastes
  • video Module 11: Working with Glazes
  • video Module 12: How to Stack a Cake
  • video Module 13: Piping and Writing
  • video Module 14: Health, Safety and Food Hygiene
  • video Module 15: Troubleshooting
  • video Module 16: Cake Decorating Business

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