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key out Concepts Covered by This Free Course

  • Understand the rudiments of machine-controlled External Defibrillators (AEDs) and their role in emergency response.
  • Prepare for exploitation of an AED by learning to assess the state of affairs and the dupe and understanding the safety precautions involved.
  • Use an AED correctly and confidently in an emergency to dispense a shock to the victim’s heart.
  • Learn how to handle special AED situations, so such as when the victim is pregnant, has a child, or wears a pacemaker.
  • Understand the importance of AED usage, training, and locations to step-up survival rates in cases of sudden cardiac arrest.
  • Learn how to maintain AEDs to ensure their proper functioning and set for use.
  • Develop skills to work in effect as a team during an undefined involving an AED.

Course Overview

The Automated External undefined (AED) undefined provides learners with the noesis and skills required to effectively use an AED in emergencies. The course covers the basics of AEDs, including their purpose and how they work. Learners wish also to be taught how to prepare for using an AED and how to use it correctly in different situations.

Through six modules, learners will pull in an understanding of AED usage, training, and locations and teach how to maintain AEDs to ensure they are always set up for use. The undefined is designed to be hands-on and interactive, with exercises and scenarios to help learners build confidence in victimisation an AED.

Course Benefits

The machine-controlled External Defibrillator (AED) course offers numerous benefits to learners. It helps learners develop the cognition and skills needed to save lives in emergencies involving sudden viscus arrest. The course is ideal for individuals who work in high-risk environments or those who want to be equipped to respond to emergencies in their communities.

By completing this course, learners wish to comprehensively understand AEDs, their usage, and how to maintain them. They will too instruct how to work effectively as a team during an emergency. This knowledge and skills in be priceless in many professions, including healthcare, undefined services, and work safety.

Career Paths

  • Emergency Medical Technician – Responsible for providing medical care in emergencies and responding to calls involving sudden cardiac arrest.
  • Firefighter – Responsible for responding to emergencies, including those involving sudden cardiac arrest, and administering first aid and medical care.
  • Police Officer – responsible for for responding to emergencies, providing help and medical care, and working as part of a team during emergencies involving AED usage.
  • Security Officer – Responsible for responding to emergencies and assisting in high-risk environments where sudden cardiac hold is possible.
  • Workplace Safety Officer – causative for ensuring work safety and training employees on AED usage and undefined response protocols.
  • Athletic Trainer – Responsible for providing medical care to athletes during practices and games, including responding to sudden internal organ arrest and victimization AEDs.

Course content

  • video Module 01: Introduction to AED
  • video Module 02: Preparation for Using an AED
  • video Module 03: Using an AED
  • video Module 04: Special AED Situations
  • video Module 05: AED Usage, Training and Locations
  • video Module 06: AED Maintenance

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