Best Cake Decorating Ideas in 2020

Do you want to add a special touch to your delicious cakes? Are you looking for some cake decorating ideas for your baking business? In this article, you can have some simple but promising ideas about cake decorations. The major ideas include your journey from scratch in cake decorating business, buttercream transfer and decorating cupcakes for starters and decorating ideas with lollies and cakes.

[su_heading size=”28″]Learn How to Decorate Cakes[/su_heading]

Are you passionate about cakes? Have you ever considered learning the art of decorating cakes? Yes, Livy Nankin of La Lettre Gourmande believes that you can. She is a professional baker from Paris, and she shares her opinion on cake decorating ideas in a few words for you:

Step 1: Start with smaller challenges

You can try to decorate shortbread cookies and cupcakes at the beginning. It will help you to understand the discipline. With small mistakes, you won’t be discouraged. You will try small things using less equipment. That means the process is economical and you are taking small-scale risks. Try the techniques on small quantities of sugar paste.

Step 2: Move to simple cakes or mini cakes

Start with the ingredients you have at home: traditional moulds, candy decoration, chocolates. Now, you can start using sugar paste. But try simple things with simple decorations, cut with a cookie cutter. Gradually, you will attempt small massages. You may get accustomed to massaging or struggle initially.

Step 3: Force yourself to larger-sized massages

It’s time to play with dough. You can get started in assembling your cakes. Time to move on and discover new sugar doughs: flower dough, Mexican dough … the types which are comparatively new to you.

Step 4: Make yourself comfortable with useful gadgets

Try to put together your materials according to the requirements you have identified. Discover the techniques for better results. Even if you don’t like something, figure out an alternative way of solving problems. The most important matter is your curiosity and willpower for learning new tactics. Try an online course to gain better ideas for decorating cakes to become an expert.

It might take a little time to move from one step to another. Don’t burden yourself. Spend time with your equipment. You will eventually begin to trust yourself.


[su_heading size=”28″] Cake Decorating Ideas: Buttercream Transfer [/su_heading]

A few simple steps can make life easy for you in the matters of buttercream transfer. It’s the process of transferring your design from paper to the cake.

image by Wilton

01. Design or print the pattern

Start with your design. You have to print it or draw on a paper. Don’t forget to create a mirror design so that it faces the right way on the cake.

image by Wilton


02. Prepare your steady surface

You need to move your design in and out of a freezer for frosting. It’s important to fix the design on a cake board or cookie sheet with masking tape. Now, put waxed paper on the template. It’s time for frosting.

03. Arrange your icing

To make sure that your buttercream transfers freeze properly, you’ll need to choose a recipe with 50% butter and 50% shortening. On your icing, you can use liquid food colouring or gel.

04. Outlining the image of your design

You have to outline your design using black icing or any other colour of your choice. A small round decorating tip will help you with the fine lines. If you don’t have tips, a tiny opening in your decorating bag will do. Once you finish outlining all the areas of your pattern, place the transfer in a freezer for approximately 10 minutes. The outline will harden for the next step.

image by Wilton

05. Filling the transfer

Prepare the required decorating bags with tip 3 or 4 along with the colours of your choice. Start to fill the smaller areas first. For a complicated design, you can use decorating brush or toothpick to spread the icing. Use a butter knife or tapered spatula to smooth out your icing. Covering the smaller portions, you can move to the larger areas. If you are working in a warm kitchen, you have to check whether the buttercream on the design is softening or not. You might need to put the transfer in the freezer if the buttercream softens during the process.

After completing the filling, you need to outline the entire design to make it more stable on the cake. The outline colour can be the same as the icing colour of your cake. Using the same colour of icing (used for your cake), you have to cover the entire design with a buttercream layer. The layer will stabilize your design. Gently make the surface of your design smooth with a spatula. Now, you can put the transfer to harden in the freezer.

image by Wilton

06. Place your transfer carefully on the cake

You are ready to finish your journey now. With the paper side up, gently place it on your iced cake. Remove the waxed paper slowly to reveal the outcome. You can add little details now if required. Keep your cake in the freezer to prevent moisturization.

image by Wilton


[su_heading size=”28″] Decorating Ideas for Cupcakes [/su_heading]

01. Add a filling in the middle as a surprise

Using a decorating bag and a round decorating tip, you inject the filling in the middle of the cake at a 900 angle. What type of filling? You can choose mousse, cream, icing, jam, custard etc.

02. Icing flower on top

You can use different types of tips, decorating bags for adding flower shapes on your cupcake.

03. Put real flowers on a layer of icing

Some edible flowers are pretty eye-catching and you can use them like the artificial one.

04. Use candies for a ray of colours

With candies, you can achieve an astonishing result. Please refer to the next section for details.

05. Use shaped fondants

Fondants are ideal for specific shapes i.e. starts, hearts, colourful fruits etc.

06. Warm glaze to add a special effect

Glazes are quite simple to produce. You have to sift a little icing sugar in a bowl. Add a small amount of butter and a little milk for a feeling of flowing. You can add any flavour of your choice to the glaze.

07. Add sprinkles for simple touches

Just like candies, sprinkles are smart additions to the fantastic cupcakes you are decorating. How do you make them? Some options are coconuts, cracker crumbs, seeds, chopped nuts, crushed meringue, coloured sprinkles and all the other relevant things available online.

[su_heading size=”28″] Cake Decorating Ideas with Candies and Lollies [/su_heading]


Using lollies and candies, you can make your cakes colourful and unique. Lollipops and candies come in different colours for you and make life easy. The wonderful designs could be a real feast for the eyes of your clients. 

Skittles or m&m’s give you the freedom of putting different colours for filling or even outlines in a cake. You can use them for designing flowers on your cake. Jelly beans are also very colourful and ideal for jewellery themes. Think of necklaces, pendants or even gemstones. You can cut the beans into different shapes if you want.

Liquorice straps, especially black, can be very helpful for crafting outlines or writing in a cake. You can use your imagination to make roads and rail tracks with these straps. 

Liquorice allsorts are also useful elements for delightful shapes, sizes and colours. You can experiment with these ones for a little variation in your decorations. 

For pastel-coloured cakes, you can use marshmallows. You will find them helpful for flowers or princess themes.  

Boiled lollies are used for gemstones, rocks or treasures. You can shape wheels, windmills or even flowers with lollipops. 

Chocolate bars are useful tools for adding tastes and visual effects. With all the readymade shapes like bears, sheep, frogs or snakes, you can create a story on your cake. 

Stick candies are awesome for flower stems, building structure and linings of a cake. You can cut the stick candies and put them on the edges of your cake. 

[su_heading size=”28″] How to become an expert in cake decorating? [/su_heading]

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  • Start with small challenges
  • Decorate simple or mini cakes (i.e. cupcakes)
  • Move to large-sized massages
  • Getting comfortable with handy gadgets
  • Take a comprehensive online course for a systematic and planned approach to gain expertise



[su_heading size=”28″] Why Do You Need an Online Cake Decorating Course? [/su_heading]

Want to take your expertise to a new level? As a professional in the baking industry or a homemaker with creative skills, you are ready if you are willing to do so. You can start with a more systematic approach with an online course with accredited certification. With the help of these authentic resources from expert trainers, you will attain the success you want.

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