How to Become a Teaching Assistant: A Career Guide

Right career choice is one of the toughest decisions for anyone. If you are smart enough, then you know the specific purpose or reasons behind any action or decision you have taken. When you find any specific purpose is interesting, you may consider action. 

Teaching Assistant (TA) is an interesting profession. If you made a decision to continue reading, we will let you know the purpose, prospects, qualifications, and ultimately how to become a Teaching Assistant. 

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Knowing the process may upturn your interest to become a Teaching Assistant. If you are stressed or finding a good resource to make your career decision, then this article will provide your required information in your career journey.


Know why School Assistant is a good career for you before diving into how to become a Teaching Assistant.

[su_heading size=”20″ margin=”30″]Why is Teaching Assistant a good career for you?[/su_heading]

A teacher assistant is always trying to explain your new ideas to pupils. You will help students that they can overcome their challenges. Your personal passion or hobby or favourite activities can be nurtured and getting paid might be possible in this profession.

 Definitely you will get Job satisfaction

 Job security is an advantage in this career

 Summer break helps you to maintain work-life balance

After retirement, there are additional benefits for you

Your salary will increase with your experience.

Teacher Assistant is one of the most rewarding careers.

Working hours: 30 to 40 hours per week on average and applicable for weekdays (Monday to Friday).

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[su_heading size=”20″ margin=”30″]What qualifications are you required?[/su_heading]

You can get the idea of the job requirement from the advertisement. Specific schools fix their own entry requirements. If you have experience in childcare or nursery work or playwork, it would be a plus point for you. To become a School Assistant, part-time volunteering in a local school would be a good approach to start.


Following skills or qualifications will help you to start your career:

  Level 2 Certification in Support Work in Schools

  Level 2 Certification in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools

Almost all paid jobs will call for qualifications in literacy and numeracy at GCSE or equivalent level.


Your background will be checked using Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) by schools. If there is no objection after this formal procedure, you can start your Teaching Assistantship.


[su_heading size=”20″ margin=”30″]What will be your responsibilities?[/su_heading]

The main concern of a Teaching Assistant is helping students. You will solve the challenges faced by students. Head instructor is not capable of keeping continuous concentration on every single student. But, as an Assistant of Headteacher, you can play a vital role to solve that issue.

The diversified roles of a TA may vary from school to school. Some of the roles of that position has transformed in the recent past. A skilled, qualified and experienced TA seems like an important staff of that school. As a teaching assistant, you must be patient and kind to those people who have a thirst for education.

As your assistantship, your creativity, research and doings will execute long term success of pupils and will significantly impact to achieve their goals. You will feel the happiness when you see a smiley face after cooperating to accomplish tasks.

Higher-Level Teaching Assistants generally assist small groups in the study set in the classroom under the supervision of the teaching staff. Even few of them also deliver temporary classroom lessons, smoothing preparation of lessons by other colleagues.

Assist children who need additional care to complete tasks

Prepare a suitable classroom environment for lessons

Engage the kids to read, explain lessons or telling them stories

Oversaw the group activities

Participation in training

Support children in their difficulties like frustration or accident

Having fun with kids via outings and different events

Assist teachers to plan learning activities and complete records

Help teachers in managing class

Execution of several administrative tasks

Help students to overcome their challenges


If you want to communicate as much as you can, you will definitely learn some knowledge of your chosen discipline. Moreover, if you get permission to organize discussion, debate, conversation and the rational argument among students, you can arrange it to engage students in more constructive activities.

[su_heading size=”20″ margin=”30″]Skills Required to Become a Teaching Assistant[/su_heading]

To get a head start in the teaching profession, becoming a teaching assistant needs to be filled first. Professional testimonials with a positive response from higher authority will advance your career. Connection with your professor might help you to know more training and prospective career opportunities.

Public speaking is one of the most crucial skills for anyone. There is a chance to improve your Public speaking skill through a Teaching Assistant career. If you are a Teaching Assistant, your profession will support you to confront the fear or anxiety of public speaking. Your classroom is a comfortable environment for you to advance your public speaking.


 Here are some other crucial skills you need to acquire:

Maintaining decent working relationships with both kids and adults

Good Administrative skills

Flexibility and creativity

Love to work with children

Literacy and numeracy skills

Capable to manage groups of a schoolchild

Able to deal with challenging behaviour


Basics of IT skills

Fluency in local community languages

Effective communication with colleagues

Create a cleanup initiative with students


Specific skills will help to care for specific students. Believe me, try to skill up your own expertise that ensures your future career advancement. Know Teaching Assistant Interview Questions and Answers to get your desired job.

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[su_heading size=”20″ margin=”30″]Where will you work as a Teaching Assistant?[/su_heading]

Primary and secondary schools, nursery education and colleges are the workplaces for TA. Those who need additional learning needs as a Teaching Assistant, you have to provide support in the classroom environment.

To make a more effective modern classroom, a teaching assistant is needed. Teaching Assistant will provide support to the headteacher and challenging kids within the learning process.


[su_heading size=”20″ margin=”30″]What will be the salary range as a Teaching Assistant?[/su_heading]

Your salary will be more than £13,000 when you experience Less than 1 year. If you are a mid-experienced Teaching Assistant, you can expect a salary of around £13,850. In the case of a highly experienced Teaching Assistant, you can be paid an average of £14,200. With 20+ years of experience, you can earn more than £23,000.

Every day is different in the Teaching assistant job as you teach new units or topics or solve new problems. Furthermore, you find this job with flexibility at work. Some challenges and surprises may start your day differently.


You can read Stacey’s story to learn more about the Teaching Assistant profession in the UK.



You can find some change in your thinking, before and after knowing the above information. From now on, your interest may grow to become a qualified Teaching Assistant. You may like to spend your time with pupils. Beside this above discussion, maybe you have specific positive reasons to choose your career as a Teaching Assistant. 

To get a start from no knowledge is much risky for anyone to choose a career. When you read the article completely, that means you know the basics of the Teaching Assistant career. To start a journey to your Teaching Assistant career, you can check the online courses to earn free e-certificate after completion and get more career-oriented information, you can check the following courses:

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